One Banana Two Banana by Orchard Toys

One Banana Two Banana by Orchard Toys


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One Banana Two Banana by Orchard Toys is a game of daring and strategy that develops maths skills. The object of this award-winning game is to move your monkey around the board as quickly as possible, trying to beat the other monkeys to the 3-D banana tree in the middle. The number of spaces that can be moved depends on the total number of bananas revealed by turning over the banana cards; players can turn over as many as they want, but if they reveal a swamp card, they can only move by as many spaces as have already been revealed. And if they turn over a banana skin card, they must move backwards by the number of bananas revealed. Once a banana skin has been revealed, it is left face up on the board, which helps the remaining players to work out how many banana cards they may risk turning over. Children will love the cheeky monkeys in this colourful, award winning puzzle, and older children will enjoy working out whether to risk turning over just one more card to get them nearer the banana tree. The game is made using durable, recycled card, and is suitable for 2 to 4 players. Because players have to add up all the bananas on their cards before they can make their move, the game helps with maths skills. One banana, two banana, three banana, four. Dare you pick up one card more? Age 4 – 8 years.


  • 54 x Small Cards
  • 1 x Jigged Playing Board
  • 2 x Palm Tree Pieces
  • 1 x Banana Skin Board
  • 4 x Monkey Playing Pieces
  • 4 x Character Stands
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet


Further Information

All Orchard Toys products are designed with education in mind and they work with educational advisors including teachers and Early Years professionals to ensure that skills necessary in the various National Curriculum Key Stages and Early Years Foundation Stages are built into the games and jigsaws.


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