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A Toy for all Ages

What is it? Can you name a toy that…….

  • appeals to 3 year olds and adults?
  • can be used to create 2D patterns and 3D models
  • develops and maintains hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • develops mathematical understanding
  • is used in nursery schools, primary schools and secondary schools
  • is used to stimulate adults with dementia
  • has children aged 3-10 years begging to stay longer in the shop to carry on playing with it
  • is going to be kept and never passed on

The answer is Magformers. Explore the range and try them for yourselves at Lighthouse Toys where they are on the play tables.

Magformers Rhombicuboctahedron


Rush Hour – helps children learn to read!

Rush Hour by ThinkfunOur journey to help our 3 children, who are all severely dyslexic, learn to read began with Rush Hour by Thinkfun.

Our son had started at a private specialist school for children with dyslexia. He had one hour a week one to one with a specialist teacher and we were shocked to learn that he spent some of that time playing Rush Hour. This was a puzzle by Thinkfun aimed at 8 year olds to adults and we sold it in our toy shop!

How was this helping him learn to read?

The teacher explained that in setting out each puzzle he had to visually interpret the card (depicting a traffic jam), remember it and reproduce the pattern on the grid. Then in solving the puzzle he developed visual perception skills, visual processing skills and visual differentiation skills.

These skills are all vital to learning to read. In addition Rush Hour develops logic and reasoning skills that underpins Maths. Learning how to solve maths problems with rote learning and methods does not help a child apply maths to real life solutions or to higher level maths. Children need strong logic and reasoning skills to be skilled mathematicians.

Look at Rush Hour


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